Flóahreppur offers a range of accommodation. Whether you want to sleep in your tent, stay in a hotel or anything in between, we are committed to welcome you.


Arabær S. 868-0304, 659-6244

arabaer@arabaer.is, www.arabaer.is

We have a cosy 70 m² summer house here in Arabær to rent, available all year round. Great for groups or families. Wonderful location. There are great riding routes in the area and this accommodation suits families who want to have horses in their holiday exceptionally well.

 ArabærArabær - hestar



Egilsstaðir 1 S.567-6268, 862-3628

jani@mmedia.is, www.egilsstadir1.com

Egilsstaðir 1 is an old settlement located close to the bank of the river Þjórsá in the district of Árnessýsla. We offer a riding vacation in a family atmosphere with cozy rooms that have 2 or 3 beds in the farmhouse as well as a separate guesthouse with beds for 4 – 5 people.

Egilsstaðir 1 Ferðaþjónustan Egilsstaðir 1




Gaulverjaskóli Hostel  S. 551-0654, 865-2121

gaulverjar@gmail.com, www.south-hostel.is

Gaulverjaskóli Hostel is in a renovated school in the low-lying agricultural region of south Iceland. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the lowlands, the birdlife and the peacefulness. The Hostel has a well equipped kitchen for guests to use, a dining room and the comfortable bedrooms. Breakfast is available at the hostel, as well as a delicious Icelandic meatsoup is served for dinner, with homemade bread. Other options are available for vegetarians.

GaulverjaskóliGaulverjaskóli - Kátir danir 2010





Guesthouse Bitra S. 480-0700

bitra@guesthousebitra.is, www.guesthousebitra.is

For a while the premises was used as a prison, but is now fully prepared guesthouse on route 1. Situated in beautiful landscape. There are 18 rooms which suit 2 or more guests. A good healthy breakfast is included. We are located only 40 minutes away from Reykjavík and 15 km away from Selfoss.

 Guesthouse Bitra


Guesthous Lambastaðir S. 777-0705

info@lambastadir.is, www.lambastadir.is

Lambastadir Guesthouse is a new, peaceful and modern farm holiday guesthouse. It is located in the center of South Iceland, by route number one, only 45 minutes drive away from Reykjavik. The guesthouse has 11 non-smoking, comfortable rooms with private bathroom and shower. Free Wi-Fi internet access and an outdoor hot tub filled with warm natural water, which is excellent for relaxation.

Gistiheimilið Lambastöðum











Höfðatún S. 555-1147

thoreyi@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/vacationhouseiceland

This beautiful house was built in 2005 and comes with 8 akers of land. It’s located in the middle of south Iceland. It only takes 15 minutes to drive to the nearest town, Selfoss and 50 minutes to Reykjavík or Þingvellir. The house has 4 bedrooms for 7 people. The kitchen has everything that anyone can wish for, for example all modern electric devices and tableware for 8 people. Visitors can go riding during their stay.


Blökk nýköstuð 19 júní 2010





Icelandic Cottages S. 898-0728

info@icelandiccottages.is, www.icelandiccottages.is

Icelandic Cottages offers guests a pleasant stay in a beautiful environment. The home was built in 2013 and is located on route 30, just 2,3 km north of route 1, on a peaceful private land. The home has three bedrooms; two with double beds and one with a double bed and a bunk bed. All beds have high quality mattresses and ready made eiderdown duvets.

2014-01-11 11.50.08 Icelandic Cottages





Julias Guesthouse S. 856-4788

info@julias-guesthouse.com, www.julias-guesthouse.com

Julia’s Guesthouse stands for comfort and peacefulness. The name of the house is Hnaus, which means Earthhill. It stands in an oasis of fertile land, surrounded by little grasshills and wood. It offers all travelers a good starting position for day trips in all directions. Around 12 km away from the Guesthouse is the town of Selfoss.

 Julias Guesthouse - Northern LightsJulias Guesthouse



Travel Agency Vatnsholt S. 899-7748

info@stayiniceland.is, www.stayiniceland.is

Vatnsholt is a newly renovated country lodge in a beautiful setting above the lake of Villingarholt. We are offering excellent facilities with a maximum capacity of 70 people in 33 rooms. In a renovated cowshed and barn is a beautiful restaurant where we can have 225 people a la carte. There is also a hall which is ideal for meetings and conferences, weddings or banquets of various kinds. We offer group menus and program for groups. Vatnsholt is conveniently located 70 km from Reykjavik with an easy access from the main route, only 16 km from the nearest town of Selfoss where you will find all the modern comforts a town has to offer.

Vatnsholt Krumminn Byko



Þjórsárver, Camping site S. 899-7748

info@hotelvatnsholt.is, www.thjorsarver.is

Camping site, facilities for family gatherings and party. Here you will find scenery facilities with information board and have wide panorama and majestic mountain view in all directions.

Þjórsárver - camping site Þjórsárver - Tjaldsvæði


Þjórsárver - leikvöllur