In Flóahreppur you can find a variety of recreational opportunities and services such as accommodations, museums and handicraft, country store, tourists sheepcote, dog-sleding tours and more. Much emphasis is placed on the preservation of cultural heritage, whether it is crafts, inventions, history, traditional farmhouse or churches. Come and experience our heritage in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Brandshús 4,  S. 534 3565, 820 3565,

Here you can see Racing pigeons and Papa chickens . You can also receive information about birds and bird breeding. You can order white Racing Pigeon at every opportunity, ideal for wedding receptions. It is important to book in advance.

Landnámshænur - Brandshúsum Hvít dúfa



Hænumamma Landnámshænur



Fanndís – Brúnastaðir, 868-7486


In the old milk house on Brúnastöðum I have glass and ceramics workshop and gallery. You can come and visit and see how glass beads are created, there are also different types of burning of ceramics in progress during the summer months along with glass beads made ​​in the manner of the Vikings. It is important to talk to me in advance, so I´m better prepared to receive you. I also do special orders.

Brúnastaðir Brúnastaðir - Víkingur

Brúnastaðir - Fanndís Brúnastaðir - Lampwork


Tourists sheepcote, open agriculture, Egilsstaðakot S. 867-4104,

Egilsstaðakot are members of Open Farms project by The Farmers Association of Iceland. We welcome guests and educate our guests about icelandic agriculture. It is important that you book ahead so we can welcome you in the best possible way.

Egilsstaðakot - Opin landbúnaður Egilsstaðakot



Flói og mói S. 898-0728,

Icelandic handcrafted jewelery, made out of gemstones, leather, pewter silver, rubber, resin, glass and clay. Each jewelery comes in a handcrafted black box, with wool inside were the jewelery lies on. When the piece is made of Gemstones, it has a an information sheet as well inside that tells the hearling power of the Gemstone, both for body and soul.

Fló og mói Fló og mói


Dog Sledding,

The only company providing dog sledding trip on the land of Ice and Fire. We offer tours every day, all year round. We have 3 different base camp during winter, depending on the weather. The location will be given the day before the tour by calling +354 774.2047

today Dog sledding photo




Turf House Austur-Meðalholtum S. 694-8108, 864-4484, 892-2702,

The Icelandic Turf House: the Jewel of Arctic Architecture.
The house that kept Icelanders alive and nurtured their culture through the centuries.
How they were built, how they were lived in, their origin and cultural context, contemporary significance, subtlety and beauty. Collection of original houses and in detail exhibitions.

Turf House – Ergonomic Museum and cafe

Íslenski bærinn - Austur Meðalholtum Íslenskibærinn Austur Meðalholtum


Krían – Country pub 899-7643, 897-7643,

Is an original country pub and ideal place for various events, such as birthdays, adventure tours, workplaces celebration and more. We offer food for groups but our popular Icelandic meat soup is always on offer. You can also order grill-food or bring your own food for grilling. We have Karaoke and darts card for our guests.




Country store Sóley – Tunga S. 566-8191, 699-1961,

Country-store Sóley sells a variety of beautiful products for the home. We welcome you to a warm and cozy country romance.

 sveitabúðin sóley Sveitabúðin - Sóley


Wood and Art S. 8689045, 486-3335,

Wood and Art is an active workshop and gallery that is both preserving and adding to the history of craftsmansship and inventions on an ongoing basis.

DSC_3591 DSC_3601 (1)




Thingborg – Wool woekshop  S. 482-1027,

Handmade crafts e.g. knitted woolen sweaters and garments, patterns. Handspun yarn in original sheep colors and natural plant dyed. The shop is located by the Ringroad, route 1, 8 km east of Selfoss in South Iceland.

 Jurtalitaður lopi-plant dyed lopi Handspunnið band - Handspun yarn Þingborg - Lunda- og hestahúfur frá Renötu Vilhjálmsdóttur Þingborg - Njála eftir Margréti Jónsdóttur.


Travel Agency Vatnsholt S. 899-7748,

In a renovated cowshed and barn is a beautiful restaurant where we can welcome up to 225 people for a la carte. There is also a hall which is ideal for meetings and conferences, weddings or banquets of various kinds. We offer group menus and events for groups.







Hvítá – Hallandi S. 695-9833,

Hallandi is an ancient fishing area. It is on the left bank of the river, between Stóra-Ármót and Langholt. Throughout history, many moguls have been caught in the area.

Number of fishing rods: Rendered on 2 fishing rods.
Fishing period: June 20 to September 20

See details on our website and Facebook page

Hvítá við Hallanda - Magnús St. MagnússonHvítá við Hallanda - Djúphólmi

Sandvík - Efsta svæði Veiðileyfi í Hvítá við Hallanda





Churches. What is more charming and romantic but small rural churches, whether it’s to enjoy church music, the tranquility or an old Icelandic architecture. Four rural churches are in Flóahreppur, Gaulverjabæjarchurch, Hraungerðischurch, Laugardælachurch, and Villingaholtschurch. In the graveyard of Laugardælirchurch is the burial site of former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer (1943-2008).



Gaulverjabaejarkirkja - Sigurður Herlufsen











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Hraungerdiskirkja - Sigurður Herlufsen








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Laugardaelakirkja - Sigurður Herlufsen Laugardaelakirkja - R-Fischer - Sigurður Herlufsen

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Villingaholtskirkja - Sigurður Herlufsen











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Birdlife around Flóahreppur has great variety and might be an interesting choice for birdwatchers. Here you can see Icelandic birds in their natural environment without difficulties such as long walks or extra travelling. Some areas are preserved and they have to be protected.

Þjórsá - IÝÁ