Flóahreppur is a peaceful municipality situated in South Iceland, between the two large Salmon Rivers Hvítá and Þjórsá. Flóahreppur is famous for it´s wide panorama view in all directions,  range of mountains, glaciers and islands. In the area is Iceland´s most voluminous Waterfall Urriðafoss, were Þjórsá River falls off the margin of Þjórsárhraun a Lava Field that came about 8.000 years ago and is one of the largest known Lava-flows anywhere on Earth. Flóahreppur is a paradise for people who love nature and bird-watching. Bird-life around the area has great variety and is an interesting choice for bird-watchers. Here you can see Icelandic birds in their natural environment without any difficulties. Flóahreppur is also ideal for walking, cycling and riding.

Culture in the area has historical deep roots and great emphasis is placed on the preservation of cultural heritage, whether it is crafts, inventions, history, traditional farmhouses or churches. In Flóahreppur you will find variety of recreational possibilities and services such as accommodations, museums, craft workshops, farm lodgings and country boutiques – to name a few. Flóahreppur is a vibrant community with a diverse society, which offers a number of events and gatherings, both new and old traditional ones. Flóamanna Saga is one of the Icelandic Sagas and  preserves memories of this area.

During the period from mid September until March/April if you are lucky you might see pink clouds dancing around the sky just like a Symphony Orchestra playing in the sky a breathtaking and unforgettable performance. That´s what we call the Northern Lights some call it Aurora Borealis. That is just one of the Winter-Charms Flóahreppur has to offer. A visit to Flóahreppur is a unique experience that you will not forget. The people of Flóahreppur welcomes you to experience our heritage, beautiful and peaceful environment, but first and foremost the wonders of Flóahreppur.

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